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7 Questions to Ask When Choosing Your Democratic Primary Candidate

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“In this possibly terminal phase of human existence, democracy and freedom are more than just ideals to be valued – they may be essential to survival.” Noam Chomsky

For me, voting isn’t like driving—a complete disappointment and utterly terrifying. Maybe it is terrifying…the future of the country is literally in our hands (literally—when we use them to turn those weird nobs from the 80s that they still haven’t replaced with modern electronics). And even if we make a seemingly intelligent decision, what if the candidate doesn’t come through?
Ok. Voting is just like driving.
I’ve put to together a criterion that will hopefully help you choose a candidate based on your personal values:
WHAT ARE THEIR VOTING RECORDS? Please don’t base your vote on what the candidate SAYS they’ll do. No matter how charismatic or intelligent they are in debates or on twitter, chances are, in the past, they’ve support legislation or movements that contradict their new, “progressive” views. People can evolve and change their positions, but it is important to know the types of bills for which they are likely to vote.
DO THEY HAVE A PLAN? If they’re saying they want a legislative or social change, look at the fine print. Do they have the actual groundwork to enact it? Are they prepared to adjust budgets to accommodate the changes? Are they being realistic about what can be accomplished? Do they participate in demonstrations and events that align with their ideology? Do they remain firm in their positions or are they vague about their intentions? Is there a physical plan that you can read, and does it match the promises they made?
WHO DO THEY SUPPORT? What movements, organizations, or people do they consistently talk about or work with?
WHO SUPPORTS THEM? Have movements, organizations, and people that you respect endorsed them? Candidates with a range of support will be pressured to keep their word legislatively if influential groups support them. It also means others have faith in them. If organizations that share your values support a candidate, that says something.
CAN THEY ADMIT FAULT? When asked about a previous stance or mistake, are they able to criticize themselves? Do they skirt around the question? Do they make superficial, round-about excuses? Do they blatantly lie? If they can’t give an honest and direct self-evaluation, they probably can’t be a transparent president.
CAN THEY WIN? What cost the Democrats the election last time? Well, several things. But most importantly: the Electoral College. Hillary won the popular vote, but she didn’t win enough Electoral Delegates. Which states does the candidate already have support in? How many delegates have already pledged their support? Which states are likely to have a population that’s drawn to that candidate? More passionate support, more voters. We need swing states like Ohio, Michigan, Florida, and Colorado.
CAN THEY BEAT HIM? Think realistically. While polls aren’t always right on, if your candidate is polling significantly lower than the other Democratic candidates or polling lower than POTUS, go for your second choice in the primary. We need a candidate who has massive support. And not just support in numbers, support in passion. We need a revolution to beat the orange storm of hate.
The pool of candidates is ever-shrinking. To me, if the US shows up, there’s a clear winner. But elections are funky, and the vote gets split. I tried to stay unbiased while writing this, but I have to say it: every single one of these questions eliminates Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg. We went for the centrist candidate with White House experience last time, and she lost. This can’t happen again. The survival of the human race potentially depends on this election. Do your research. Failure is not an option. We totally got this. *screams in Socialist Panic*

Save Rodney Reed

“Capital punishment could not be justified in any society calling itself civilized.” Howard Zinn

We have 15 days until Rodney Reed is legally murdered by the State of Texas. Stacey Stites was raped and murdered in 1996. Rodney Reed has been on death row for 21 years for her murder, despite ample evidence of his innocence.
Here’s a whole lot of reasons why we need to stop this murder:
1) The only DNA evidence found in the pick-up truck Stites supposedly drove to work belonged to her and her police-officer fiancee, Jimmy Fennell.
2) There was DNA belonging to two cops, with whom Fennell worked, found on beer cans near where Stites’ body was dumped. Fennell’s lawyers did not present this evidence during Reed’s trial.
3) Stites’ cause of death was ruled as “ligature strangulation”. Fibers from a belt were found near her body and truck. The belt was recovered, but never tested for DNA evidence. NEVER EVEN TESTED.
4) The forensic experts who testified in Reed’s trial later submitted affidavits saying that Stites’ original time of death was wrong.
5) According to Stites’ cousin and coworker, whose testimonies were never heard in court, Reed and Stites were having a consensual affair. Reed’s semen was found on Stites. However, the medical examiner rescinded his statement on the DNA, because the cells were falling apart. This indicates that the sperm was older than 24 hours, which is long before Stites disappeared, making the DNA evidence invalid.
6) In fact, Fennell was their prime suspect for months. Fennell’s best friend, another police officer, also admitted that Fennel gave two different accounts of his whereabouts on the night of the murder. A deputy also recently admitted that Fennell made comments with details about the body that weren’t disclosed by the police.
7) According to an insurance salesperson, Fennell threatened Stites while buying life insurance.
8) Fennell was sentenced to ten years in prison in 2007 for the kidnapping and rape of a woman in police custody.
9) While in prison, Fennell supposedly told an inmate that “I had to kill my n*-loving fiancée.” So, he’s a rapist and a racist…See where we’re going with this?
10) Finally, Reed was convicted by an all white jury for the murder of a white woman.
Head over to the Action page to find out how we can #SaveRodneyReed

Welcome to Bold Utterances

“Our history has been stolen from us, and it was done intentionally, and purposefully. We are not taught our history.” Jeffrey Robinson, WhoWeAre

We are on the brink of a massive shift. As a society, we have the choice to take ten steps forward or twenty steps back. Gen Z can take the wheel and stop preserving centuries of hate and fear. We can’t rewrite history, but we don’t have to repeat it.
LET’S CREATE A RESOURCE – If information is more accessible and less boring, maybe we’re more likely to find understanding. I’m hoping that creating a by-teens-for-teens resource will help us educate each other, so that we might form a more unified, less soul-destroying society. Big dreams, right?
LET’S TAKE INITIATIVE – In the past, society has made it clear that it doesn’t value the opinions of youth. But that’s going to change. We won’t walk in circles around watered-down legislation while our country sinks into a sad puddle of fascism. We march out of school and we’re taking our place at the ballot box.
Some progressive politicians are starting to see the power of our generation. They see that we are ready to step up to the plate and grand slam the close-minded old white men back to the 1950s. It is time to move past the crazy notion that America needs to go back to some former glory. That door is closed, folks, it’s time to go forward.
More than ever, we need innovation; new ideas to tackle issues like climate change. Let’s equip ourselves with the resources to make change, because no one else is going to do it. Let’s show the world that we think critically and assess the consequences of our actions.
In a Greek myth, the unfortunate Titan, Atlas, was duped into holding up the sky by Hercules. Obviously, he was not armed with the necessary tools to avoid this predicament, and spent the rest of eternity trying to save Chicken Little (the weird chicken who got hit in the head with a piece of sky). Point is, time after time, knowledge poses as the antagonist. Whether it be within a Greek myth or a depressing political election, we need to have a broader understanding of important issues—most importantly that the sky is super heavy.
So, with the power invested in me by a Macbook, I’m starting Bold Utterances. Together, we can create a theoretically entertaining and hopefully not-condescending resource. By introducing and describing a variety of topics from our points of view, we can start engaging more youth in politics and social action and educate each other (and the adults). As Dumbledore says, “words are, in my not so humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic. Capable of both inflicting injury and remedying it.” Let’s inflict some injury! Just kidding. Peace to the world.