This is a collaborative effort. If Bold Utterances is going to have an impact, we need to cast a wide net. Reach out to us with article suggestions, proposals or pieces that you want published, or art/photos that’d you’d like to see up on our site.

Submitting an Article Proposal

Contact us through our website with a pitch that contains:

•  Your first and last name, where you are from, and a little bit about yourself. You can choose to have your piece published anonymously
•  A summary of your topic (50-150 words, more is absolutely fine, but less might not give us a good enough idea of your goal for the article). If you already have a draft, submit it instead of a summary
•  Why you want to write this piece/Why you feel it needs to be discussed (This is not so we can make a judgement on you or your work, we just want to get a sense of the author)

Submitting Art

Contact us with:

•  Your first and last name
•  The name of your piece, if it has one
•  Why you want this piece on our site/What it means
•  For safety, we don’t accept attachments in our initial communication. Let us know where we can find your piece on a public forum (pinterest, tumblr, instagram)
•  Pieces will accompany a related article

Keep in Mind

We want to publish a diverse array of topics and graphics. The majority of the articles on this site will pertain to progressive social analysis, social justice, and political and social change. However, there are few limits. If you want to share a personal experience, report on new science or technology, the arts, or anything else innovative and awesome, our (cyber) doors are open.
We do not accept submissions that contain material that is hurtful
to or disrespectful of a culture or religion, including cultural appropriation.
Our inclusivity does not include tolerance of bigotry.